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Private Air Charter of a Global Express with Jetset Charter

What do you get when you mix the ultimate long-range jet with the highest in performance, speed, and safety? The answer is the Bombadier Global Express, of course. Can you think of a better aircraft for your next private jet charter around the world with only one stop than a twin engine jet with a range of 7,080 miles and speeds up to 564 miles per hour? This aircraft is one of the best representatives of the heavy jet class, and is an ideal aircraft for corporate travelers, leisure fliers, or anyone who wants to arrive at the destination as quickly as possible - without sacrificing style or comfort.

There are enough amenities packed on board the Bombadier Global Express to satisfy even the most discerning corporate jet charter flier. It begins with the fine leather reclining chairs which will accommodate 13 - 19 passengers. Executives on long transoceanic flights will appreciate the comfortable bed in the private room - which comes complete with its own shower. Not one, but two full lavatories come standard on the Global Express. There is also flight phone and fax machine so that productivity can continue during the flight. The baggage storage compartment located at the rear of the cabin is accessible in flight, and the port side door at the front of the cabin comes with airstairs for additional convenience. Those more interested in resting or relaxing can take advantage of the full galley with its oven and microwave, a CD/DVD player, and even 10 disc CD changer. In-flight catering services are also available.

Contacting the helpful professionals at Jetset Charter is the best way to begin the private jet charter process and discover the many features that set the Bombadier Global Express apart from comparable heavy jets. Call or request a quote today.

Manufacturer: Bombardier
Model: Global Express
Seats: 13 - 19
Range SM: 7,080 miles
High Speed Cruise: 564 mph
Cabin Height: 6.3 ft.
Cabin Width: 8.2 ft.
Cabin Length: 48.4 ft.
Baggage Capacity Exterior: n/a
Baggage Capacity Interior: 185 cu ft.

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