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Versatility, flexibility, and the ability to fly long distances as well as to take off and land on short runways while carrying heavy loads have made this light jet the greatest in the original Cessna Citation class.

The impressive cabin measures 1,669 cubic feet and will seat 15 passengers comfortably - although it can be configured to hold more if necessary. The leather chairs themselves are soft and sumptuous, with full reclining and swivel capabilities reminiscent of your favorite chair. As with comparable jets, the cabin height is 6.1 feet, and with a 50 ft. length, it is usually divided into three separate areas with more than enough room to move around with ease. An external baggage storage space can hold 226 cubic feet of luggage or gear, with additional storage drawers located under each individual seat. Additional features to be found aboard the Gulfstream V include power outlets, a fold-out table, and satellite television with entertainment system. The full-sized galley is more than equipped to serve hot or cold food, and in-flight catering is also available upon request. For added privacy, there are separate lavatories for crew and passengers.

The amenities, safety, reliability, and exceptional long range speed capabilities make the Gulfstream V a good option for your next corporate jet charter or leisure trip. Let Jetset Charter take care of everything. Call or request a quote today.

The passenger cabin can accommodate up to 8 passengers in fully reclining seats, and is an amazing 17'5" - making it the longest cabin of any private light jet. Designers have also been able to make the cabin seem even larger through the use of indirect lighting, seamless wall panels, and mirrors. Private jet charter passengers who opt for the Citation Encore can take advantage of its numerous amenities, including individual flat panel entertainment systems, power outlets, audio jacks, and a satellite radio phone. Sufficient storage space for luggage and gear is not a problem aboard the Encore, with its more than 43 cubic feet of exterior and 28 cubic feet of interior storage, more than any in its class. Jetset Charter can arrange in-flight catering to suit even the most finicky palate. There is also a full service refreshment center and a fully-enclosed lavatory for added convenience and comfort.

Encore's increased performance and wide range allows for a very comfortable ride. The Encore is not only versatile and economical, but also boasts high performance and luxury. What more could one possibly ask for in an aircraft rental? Call Jetset Charter for more information or request a quote today!

Manufacturer: Gulfstream
Model: Gulfstream V
Seats: 14 - 17
Range SM: 7,681 st. mi.
High Speed Cruise: 562 MPH
Cabin Height: 6.2 ft.
Cabin Width: 7.3 ft.
Cabin Length: 50.1 ft.
Baggage Capacity Exterior: n/a
Baggage Capacity Interior: 226 cu. ft.

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