Charter a Flight on the Embraer Legacy
Private Jet Charter of the Embraer Legacy with Jetset Charter

Combining the best of luxury and commercial travel, a private jet charter aboard the Embraer Legacy is truly a one of a kind experience. The Legacy's incredible range of 3,950 miles is ideal for most cross country flights, and with speeds up to 514 miles per hour, you can be assured of a speedy arrival. Low maintenance, numerous aircraft safety features, and fuel efficiency all contribute to keeping operating costs surprising minimal for an airliner in this class.

Executives and corporate air charter passengers will greatly appreciate the spacious cabin aboard the Legacy, which seems to have been designed with only one thing in mind - the comfort and convenience of the passengers. Staying connected is easy, thanks to the high speed Internet, Wi-Fi, and a three-line telephone system. There are also numerous power outlets scattered throughout the cabin which can handle many devices to maximize productivity. The 1,413 sq. ft. of cabin space includes sumptuous leather seating for 9 - 13 passengers, and is divided into three separate zones for additional privacy and efficiency. Privacy is also assured in the fully enclosed lavatory. The galley has three electrical outlets, a microwave, a refrigerator, a coffee maker, and even a wine chiller. This refreshment center can be fully stocked upon request, or in-flight catering is available. Additional amenities include two 17-inch monitors, CD/DVD player with individual controls, and full LED lighting for all of the comforts of home. We can take care of other important details such as ground transportation, hotel accommodations, and even theater/event tickets.

For unsurpassed luxury and great performance in an airliner, let Jetset Charter book your next private jet charter aboard the Embraer Legacy. Call or request a quote today.

Manufacturer: Embraer
Model: Legacy
Seats: 9 - 13
Range SM: 3,950 st. mi.
High Speed Cruise: 514 MPH
Cabin Height: 6 ft.
Cabin Width: 6.9 ft.
Cabin Length: 49.8 ft.
Baggage Capacity Exterior: n/a
Baggage Capacity Interior: 240 cu. ft.

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