Private Plane Rental of a Learjet 35A
Private Jet Charter with Jetset Charter and the Learjet 35A

Renowned for its superior quality, unexpected amenities, and popularity among celebrities, the Learjet 35A is the perfect option for those wishing to charter a flight to any one of 5,000 airports worldwide. Known as "the ultimate light jet," the Lear 35A has an incredible range of over 2,000 miles - with unprecedented takeoff and cruise capabilities as well as a maximum takeoff weight of 18,300 pounds. Speed is an attribute shared by all Learjet models, and this one is no exception. The Learjet 35A will get you to your destination fast.

The cabin of the Learjet 35A provides ample seating for up to 8 passengers in relative comfort. Business travelers find the quiet cabin a wonderful working environment, while leisure travelers, vacationers, or those just wanting to relax and enjoy the flight can do it in style and elegance. In addition to the plush leather seating, amenities include a satellite telephone. CD/DVD player, 40 cubic feet of baggage space, and a tail storage locker for extra baggage and recreational gear, There is even a fully enclosable toilet for the utmost in comfort and convenience for discriminating private air charter passengers.

The fact that pilots sing the praises of the Learjet 35A provides further evidence of its efficiency and performance. An aircraft rental of a Learjet 35A with Jetset Charter is sure to make your next charter flight an incomparable experience in comfort and convenience. Request a quote or call our office today!

Manufacturer: Bombardier
Model: Learjet 35A
Seats: 6 - 8
Range SM: 2,445 st. mi.
High Speed Cruise: 502 MPH
Cabin Height: 4.3 ft.
Cabin Width: 4.9 ft.
Cabin Length: 12.9 ft.
Baggage Capacity Exterior: n/a
Baggage Capacity Interior: 40 cu. ft.

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