Private Aircraft Rental of a Citation Excel
Learn About the Citation Excel at Jetset Charter

The Cessna class of mid-sized aircraft is perfectly exemplified with the Cessna Citation Excel. With speed capability and operating costs comparable to lighter jet models, the Citation Excel also boasts an incredible 2,136 mile range. This makes it the ideal jet for flying from Chicago to Los Angeles, for example. It will also make transoceanic flights with ease. The ability to takeoff on runways as short as 4,000 feet means that the Citation Excel can land in over 5,000 airports worldwide. It has the reliability, comfort, and performance that match the standards of high quality associated with the Cessna name. The Citation Excel could be the ideal jet for your next corporate charter flight.

The cabin of the Citation Excel can accommodate up to 8 passengers with business-class leather club seating. The hand polished wood grain interior of the 583 cubic ft. cabin is both draft-free and quiet due to high quality design and the latest in soundproofing. Busy executives on the go will appreciate the airborne telephone and fax machine, and the CD/DVD players with visual monitors. There is also 79 cubic feet of storage space that will hold various types of gear and baggage. Other amenities include a fully enclosed lavatory and a partial galley and refreshment center, which can be fully stocked prior to the flight upon request. Jetset Charter can also arrange full in-flight catering services with a meal that will suit everyone's tastes.

Call Jetset Charter to book your next private jet charter flight on the Citation Excel. Whether travelling for business or for pleasure, you will find it a solid, reliable mid-sized jet that can take you anywhere you want to go. Request a quote or call us today!

Manufacturer: Cessna
Model: Citation Excel
Seats: 7 - 8
Range SM: 2136 st. mi.
High Speed Cruise: n/a
Cabin Height: 5.7 ft.
Cabin Width: 5.9 ft.
Cabin Length: 24 ft.
Baggage Capacity Exterior: n/a
Baggage Capacity Interior: n/a

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