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Benefits of Private Air Charter of a Gulfstream G200 with Jetset Charter

With a startling combination of flight range, short landing capability, and top speed, the Gulfstream G200 is more than just an improvement over the G150 model - it actually represents the best that mid-size jets have to offer business class or leisure private air charter clients. Intercontinental nonstop flights are no problem for the Gulfstream G200's range of 3,600 nautical miles and 520 - plus mile per hour speed and it can climb as high as 45,000 ft. Even at this superior level of performance, the G200 boasts a fuel efficiency that makes its operating cost lower than other large-cabin, mid-range jets.

Another improvement over previous Gulfstream models is the G200's roomy interior cabin, with a height of 6'3" a width of 7'2", which allows seating configurations normally seen only in larger aircraft. Comfortable reclining leather chairs accommodate 8 - 10 passengers comfortably, but can be arranged to seat 15 passengers if necessary. There is also a dining room table that can double as a conference room table to enhance productivity in the air. Clean lines and soft lighting enhance the aesthetic appeal. There is also a telephone and power outlet, and a CD-DVD entertainment system with headphones on which to enjoy movies or music. In-flight catering is available upon request, and there is also a full refreshment center. 150 cubic feet of storage space are more than sufficient to store your luggage and gold clubs, while the full aft lavatory will provide comfort and privacy for everyone.

Jetset Charter will gladly book your next charter flight aboard the Gulfstream G200, and can also accommodate requests for ground transportation and hotel reservations. For flexibility, high-performance, and optimum comfort, you won't do better than this fine mid-size jet. Call Jetset Charter or request a quote online today!

Manufacturer: Gulfstream
Model: G200
Seats: 8 - 15
Range SM: 3,600 n.miles
High Speed Cruise: 520 mph
Cabin Height: 6.3 ft.
Cabin Width: 7.2ft.
Cabin Length: 24.4 ft.
Baggage Capacity Exterior: 125 cu. ft.
Baggage Capacity Interior: 25 cu ft.

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