Renting a Hawker 700
Jetset Charter - Private Air Charter and the Hawker 700

Precision, performance, and luxury are just a few of the attributes that make the Beechcraft Hawker 700 one of the most widely used mid-size jets in the world. The Hawker 700 has a cruising speed as high as 460mph, more than capable of flying private jet charter clients to corporate meetings or vacation spots at a quick yet comfortable pace. The Hawker 700's range of 2100nm is more than sufficient to carry your non-stop private jet charter from San Francisco to Atlanta or Miami. This Hawker 700's takeoff and landing capabilities make for a flexible aircraft which can use over 5,000 airports worldwide - including many smaller airports - which will get you even closer to your destination.

The clean lines of the interior cabin of the Hawker 700 contribute to a sumptuous setting for up to 9 passengers, complete with executive-style leather seats that swivel and slide inboard. The 6 foot ceiling height provides ample headroom. The recessed aisle and 604 cubic feet cabin size is significantly larger than that of comparably sized jets and more in line with heavier aircraft. Although it does not have a full galley, Jetset Charter can arrange for in-flight catering aboard the Hawker 700, with cuisine to rival that of the finest restaurants. Those that wish to forgo a large meal will appreciate the refreshment center which can be fully stocked upon request. This plane also offers generous interior and exterior baggage storage space, and the enclosed lavatory ensures not only privacy, but comfort and convenience. Other amenities include individual reading lights and power outlets at each passenger seat.

Whether you are a busy professional on the go or a leisure traveler headed for a much-needed vacation, chartering a flight on the Hawker 700 is sure to deliver the maximum comfort available in a mid-size jet. Call or request a quote today!

Manufacturer: Cessna
Model: Citation V Encore
Seats: 6 - 8
Range SM: 1,725 st. mi.
High Speed Cruise: 460 MPH
Cabin Height: 4.9 ft.
Cabin Width: 4.8 ft.
Cabin Length: 17.4 ft.
Baggage Capacity Exterior: 26 cu. ft.
Baggage Capacity Interior: 41 cu. ft.

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