Fractional Jet Ownership
Jetset Charter Can Help with Fractional Ownership
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Fractional ownership offers many exciting opportunities for those who want to "get their feet wet" in the world of private aircraft. One of the biggest benefits to fractional ownership is that it combines the usage, and maintenance of a single aircraft or a fleet. The agreements required for fractional ownership allow for the purchase or lease of a "fractional" interest in a particular aircraft. In exchange, the purchaser or lessee will receive on demand availability to that airplane with little advance notice. This flexibility is yet another advantage, since it allows the owner access to the plane virtually any time he or she needs it.

The costs to buy, store, and maintain a private aircraft are astronomical, and can be very intimidating for those who may be interested. Fractional ownership provides buyers with a chance to experience - albeit on a small scale - what it takes to own a private plane at a much less substantial price. The costs for aircraft usage by fractional owners are based on a monthly management fee, with another fee based on hours in the air rather than from the charter operator's base hub.

Jetset Charter delivers comprehensive solutions depending upon your private air charter needs. We not only handle all aspects of your flight, but can also help you enter the world of fractional aircraft ownership. Our trained experts can help you find a jet which is best suited to your unique situation, with a level of service which is unsurpassed in the industry. Experience the Jetset Charter difference - call us today!