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Part of the Jetset Guarantee is that we will provide the most excellent service for your private air charter dollars. Our helpful representatives can put you in any one of the over 6,000 jets at our disposal, meaning that we always have a plane on standby waiting for you.

Are you looking for some additional perks for the trip such as in-flight catering or ground transportation? Jetset Charter can also arrange for these – providing a succulent menu complete with liquor or having a car waiting for you and your passengers upon departure and arrival – with just one phone call. We can even arrange for hotel reservations and theater tickets if requested.

Call or request a quote today to see for yourself how truly affordable private air charter can be – whether you are flying by yourself or with a group, and regardless of your destination – Jetset Charter wants to be a part of each leg or your travel experience.

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In one phone call Jetset Charter was able to find the specific aircraft that I requested. They handled everything from my rental car to catering on the flight…and I paid thousands less than I am used to.

S. Johnston
I was very happy with my experience with Jetset Charter. I only fly about 8-10 times a year, but one email request and every aspect of my flight is done…and done right.

B. M. SVP in the Voice Simulation industry.
This past weekend made it two years with Jetset Charter. I have not had one issue in my 15+ flights and would recommend them to anyone looking for excellent customer service at an unbelievable price.

M. S.