Air Cargo

Jetset Charter Can Help with Air Cargo

Private air charter has many applications which do not involve strictly flying human beings from place to place for business or pleasure. One of the most valuable of these services is the transportation of goods and cargo which are either too large, too delicate, or cannot be transported by commercial aircraft for any reason. Perhaps the cargo being flown is of an exotic nature which is not allowed or supported by commercial airlines. Perhaps the cargo in question must be transported over long distances. Whatever the reason, Jetset Charter can find the perfect aircraft for your air cargo charter needs.

Jetset Charter knows that the transportation of goods and cargo via private jet can be a complicated process. Our exceptional level of service is one of the many reasons that we have gained the status as one of the leaders in the private air cargo industry. Our exclusive access to a variety of the most popular private aircraft of all sizes and types means more variety, flexibility, and affordable options for your charter needs. Our knowledgeable and helpful representatives will find the perfect aircraft to accommodate your unique cargo and situation.

As with each of our many private jet charter flights, we deliver exemplary service with our air cargo charters – including not only arrangements for transportation, but also for warehousing, storage, loading and unloading. Our safety standards are incomparable, as is our service guarantee. Call 866-570-JETS (5387) and request a quote today to find out more about more about our air cargo charter flights. Experience the Jetset Charter difference today!