Secure Private Jet Charter Flights

At Jetset Charter, safety is always our number one concern. All aircraft used must comply with the safety minimums required by the FAA. The FAA regulates the charter operators that service Jetset Charter clients, under FAA Regulation 14 CFR Part 135. Part 135 is the set of federal regulations that govern the commercial hire of jets. These regulationas are more stringent standards for commuter and on demand operations than you would see with Part 91 regulations which are the general operating rules for all aircraft. Part 91, Subpart (K), prescribes operating rules for fractional ownership programs.

All aircraft in Jetset Charters network are both Wyvern Wingman rated and ARG/US Gold or ARG/US Platinum rated. The ARGUS CHEQ (Charter Evaluation and Qualification) program was developed over a decade ago as the most accurate and detailed third-party due diligence system for charter operators buyers and passengers around the world. In order to be a Wyvern Wingman, operators must go through a rigorous onsite audit process to ensure that their operations meet or exceed the Wyvern Standard. We are always more than happy to provide our clients with more information on these two independent safety rating agencies and to provide the documentation on the exact aircraft that you will be chartering prior to any flight.

All Jetset Charter flights are piloted by two professional pilots (unless a single pilot is requested on certain smaller aircraft). A Tripcheq is always available for every private flight and provides you with the company safety record, pilot’s experience in the airplane type, the pilot’s certification and type ratings and the pilot’s record of accidents, incidents and enforcement actions.

Aviation Research Group/US s a leader in the field of corporate aviation safety and operational information. Their data and analysis covers a wide range of topics from aircraft operating costs, to safety and marketing databases. Responding to an industry-wide need for objective, non-intrusive, and fact-based safety analysis for part 135 charter operators, ARG/US has developed a rating system: The CHEQ report (Charter Evaluation and Qualification report). The CHEQ system has three major components: Historical Safety Ratings, Current Aircraft and Pilot Data, and On-Site Safety Audits. Analysis of these components results in three potential levels of safety rating: Gold, Gold Plus, and Platinum. Each level reflects analysis and ranking based on increasing amounts of detailed information on the charter operator.

DNQ Rating – An ARG/US rating of DNQ, or Does Not Qualify, can result from three areas: A poor historical safety rating based on the data collected an analyzed, a significant safety issue with a pilot or aircraft operated, or a finding of specific safety of flight issues during an on-site safety audit. Most issues that cause a DNQ rating stand a good chance of being corrected over time.

Gold Rating (US Only) – For those operators who provide data on the aircraft operated, and the pilots employed, ARG/US will evaluate for a Gold Rating. The Gold level is assigned to operators who meet or exceed the established ARG/US standards for safety history and crew experience.

Gold Plus Rating – This rating is awarded to operators who meet all Gold rating requirements, and have undergone an ARG/US on-site safety audit. The operator has been found to have effective and documented policies and procedures which should be conducive to safe future operations.

Platinum Rating – The highest level of ARG/US safety ratings is awarded to those operators who meet the criteria for Gold, and successfully pass an ARG/US on-site safety audit. The ARG/US audit is a true process audit administered by trained and experienced aviation auditing professionals to evaluate the operator against industry best practice standards. A Platinum rating requires a functioning Safety Management System, and clear and workable Emergency Response Plan, and appropriate written standards, training, implementation, and adequate historical records for all major aspects of Operations and Maintenance within a flight department or Charter company.