The On-Demand Charter Card

Choose Jetset Charter for On-Demand Charter

For convenience and flexibility, nothing can compare with the Jetset Charter On-Demand Card. Imagine the freedom of having a jet on standby for you whenever you need it – with one simple phone call or a click of the mouse.

The Jetset Charter On-Demand Charter Card has successfully brought together two of our most popular services – On-Demand Charter and fractional ownership – to bring you even more private aircraft charter options.

Benefits of the Jetset Charter On-Demand Card include:

  • Flexibility – to choose any flight you wish on any aircraft;
  • Convenience – to avoid commercial travel and skip the formalities of traditional aircraft charter;
  • Time-Savings – can be booked and up in the air within a few hours;
  • Luxury – to enjoy spacious plush cabins.

As an added incentive for clients to try the Jetset Charter On-Demand Corporate Card, we are offering a 3% savings on charter costs with a deposit of $100K. Larger deposits offer bigger savings, with 6% price break for a $250K deposit.

To obtain additional information about the other benefits of using the Card, contact the professionals at Jetset Charter. With a combined experience of over 30 years in the industry and access to a variety of the most popular private aircraft, the Jetset staff can guarantee dependability and the highest level of service in the charter industry. Call 866-570-JETS (5387) or check out the website today.