The Hawker 800XP Program

Jetset Charters 800XP Card With Platinum Safety

Jetset Charter has the perfect way to combine the convenience and flexibility of on-demand charter with even greater ease and accessibility – the Jetset Charter 25-Hour Card.

Offering the best rates in the industry, the Jetset 25-Hour Card allows cardholders to take advantage of discounted opportunities such as transient aircraft and floating fleets – with no hidden fees. Pricing includes fuel, landing fees, crew costs, and taxes.

Jetset Charters 25-Hour Mid Jet Card Pricing – $157,500 (6,300/hr)

The 25-Hour Card comes with the guarantee of at least a Hawker 800XP, an aircraft which offers one of the most spacious cabins in the mid-size jet class – seating up to eight (8) passengers comfortably, with 48 cu. ft. of storage and a flight range of up to 2,540 nautical miles.

Other unique features of the Card include the ability to share or transfer flight hours among friends, colleagues, or family members – with availability in as little as three (3) hours.

Operators in the Jetset Charter network have achieved the ARG/US Platinum Safety Rating, which means that our clients can enjoy a stress- and worry-free flight.

Call today for the service, savings, simplicity, and safety that come with the purchase of the Jetset Charter 25-Hour Card Programs.