The Hawker 400XP Program

Jetset Charters 25-Hour Hawker 400XP Card is Changing the Face of Charter

Simplicity, service, and convenience come together in one of our most popular programs – the Jetset Charter 25-Hour Card featuring the Hawker 400XP or better.

The freedom to enjoy more of charter’s flexibility – with no hidden fees. Pricing includes fuel, landing fees, crew costs, and taxes. The Card is unique in that it gives you the ability to share or transfer flight hours with friends, colleagues, or family members and can be used 365 days/year with no expiration date.

The Jetset Charter 25-Hour Card comes with the guarantee of at least a Hawker 400XP. The 400XP strikes the perfect balance of comfort and performance, with 53 cu. ft. of storage and 305 cu ft of interior space that will seat up to nine (9) passengers. The 1,333 nm range combined with a cruising speed of 450 knots make the 400XP ideal for short trips.

Jetset Charters 25-Hour Light Jet Card Pricing – Hawker 400XP – $125,000 (5,000/hr)

Jetset Charter has a strict commitment to flight safety, and all operators in our exclusive network have received Platinum-level safety ratings through ARG/US.

Instant access to the Jetset Card can be yours with a click or phone call. Contact a Jetset Charter team member for more details.